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About Us

B K Arts And Crafts, as the name suggests, is a company that deals in commodities that are linked to the Arts & Crafts. Indian art and craft has a glorious history, and the practices are passed down to generations. Compared to machine-made art pieces, the traditional art pieces have more value and significance. One can easily witness the hard work gone through the detailing of a piece by hand. Each region of the country has a unique art and craft products. Our company is situated in Jodhpur, a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The art and craft of this state is vast and incomparable in terms of craftsmanship, vibrant colors and unique concepts. Every product developed in this state, also called a Treasure-Trove of Handicrafts as well as a Paradise for shoppers, has a powerful appeal. We stand among the prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporter of Bone Inlay Chair, Bone Inlay Decoratives Items, Bone Inlay Ball, Bone Inlay Drawer, Bone Inlay Gift Articles, Bone Inlay Mirror, Bone Inlay Tray, etc.

Our company came into inception in the year 2017 with a motive to supply Bone Handicrafts, Bone Inlay Chair, Furniture and Gift Articles to both Indian and overseas markets.

What's So Unique About Bone Inlay Products?

The products developed using bone inlay have intricate pattern designs, which can used as a stand-out piece of art in any room. Their uniqueness, intricacy and craftsmanship are what attracts people towards it. Bone Inlay Furniture and Handicrafts are timber frames onto which intricately shaped bone carvings are affixed in several pattern designs, like geometric, floral and paisley. Resin is used for filling the gaps around the affixed bone carvings. Creating just a single piece of handicraft or furniture takes around the collective efforts of three craftsmen, who work on that single piece for one month. The bones used can be of buffalo or camel, who pass away from natural causes. For those, who do not prefer to buy anything made of animal, these handicraft and furniture pieces can be developed using Mother of Pearl Inlay.

Future Plans

We supply 50% of the total Handcrafted Bone Inlay Products from our factory to overseas markets. Considering the rising requirement of Indian furniture and decorative items for adding into the interior spaces, we are applying marketing strategies to expand our reach and those strategies are:

  • Print media
  • SEO and SMO
  • Blogs
  • Banner ads